Op Art Etched Glass and Mirror

      The latest thing we are doing is portraits on glass or mirror. We are offering this in five different formats, glass on a stand or framed, mirror on a stand or framed, and the 6 inch circular suncatchers. 



      All we need for this is a photograph, there are a couple of minor requirements however. We can do one, two or three people on glass or mirror, or one on a 6 inch suncatcher. The photograph needs to have the faces take up as much of the picture as possible, and needs to be taken using the highest possible settings on the camera, i.e. with the most amount of pixels. The reason for this is because we use a program to convert the picture as follows.

From this we are able to create a simple line drawing which can then be transferred to the glass or mirror.

      If we use a picture with a lesser quality we finish up with a black and white like this.
    It is much more difficult to create a glass portrait from this, hence the need for a good clear picture. If you are interested in having a portrait done, you can send a picture either by e-mail or regular mail. Regular mail pictures are returnable. Upon seeing the picture we will let you know if it is suitable. Once we have a suitable picture we will create a portrait for you. We will send you a picture of the finished product and you will be under no obligation to purchase, just in case you feel like it does not look like you. For this service we do require a 15.00 fully refundable deposit.
   The size of the glass and mirrors are 12 x 16" and cost 75.00 for one person, 100.00 for two people and 120.00 for three, the 6" suncatchers are 30.00.   If you are interested or have questions please contact
roy@opartonline.net  Or if preferred you can call Roy at 843 997 7338.