Op Art Etched Glass and Mirror

    At Op Art Etched Glass and Mirror, we have a large inventory of items ranging from small to large. The following pages show a wide selection of the things we sell. All of our items are hand made,  mostly to order. While we do keep a wide  variety of items on hand,  not all of our items are immediately available, however all of our items can be made available within a few days.  We have all the designs you see and a great many more and are always adding new designs to the collection. If you do not see something you like, just ask, maybe we have it and if not we will be happy to draw it for you. For example ask about our extensive lighthouse collection, if you have a photograph, we are always looking to add more.


    If you have a favorite photo, we will be happy to draw that for you. All photos are returnable and we can show you the drawing via e-mail before we put it on glass. Once on glass we can show you the finished product and there will be no obligation to buy.


    Unfortunately, because of shipping issues we are not able to sell the larger items by mail order. Everything is made of glass and we have found that when marked fragile, this becomes a challenge to the shipping companies. All of the suncatchers, vases, winelights etc. can be shipped, and of course are replaceable if damaged. Mirrors and windows etc. are not able to be shipped. They are for pick up only, however we are in Myrtle Beach SC. A great vacation destination, so if you have an idea for something you would like, plan your vacation. Maybe we can deliver if you are not to far away. Whatever you may be interested in, get in touch with us, maybe we can help you.