Op Art Etched Glass and Mirror

Glass Doors

      One of the things we specialize in at Op Art is custom work. Over the past few years we have created quite a variety of custom designs for mirrors, windows and doors, along with a few custom pieces of furniture also. Shown below are some of our most recent custom pieces. All of the pieces shown were custom made and have been sold, they are here to show our work and give some ideas and to inspire new ideas.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     These Hawaiian Sea Turtles were designed for the glass screen in the front door of a house.


   Along with these manatee with space shuttle taking off in the background for the back door.

    Design for wine cellar doors.

   Please scroll down to see everything on this page, all of the designs here can be seen in greater detail on the photo gallery page. If you see anything here that inspires you, or if you have a piece of glass, a door or mirror which needs a little spicing up, please get in touch with us, e-mail   roy@opartonline.net  or if you prefer you can call Roy at 843 997 7338. or Greg at 843 655 2644. We will be happy to show you some of our designs that we have used in the past or work with you to come up with exactly what you need.



             Carolina Gamecock made for the Carolina Stadium.


South Carolina Palmetto Tree for the arch above french windows.

                Ship Windows.

Bathroom Cabinets and Mirrors


                              Bathroom cabinet and mirror with seashells and sea life scene.


                                       Penguin bathroom cabinet and mirror.



                                           Headboard and matching mirror.

Shower Doors

                                                           Various Shower Doors.

Coffee Tables