Op Art Etched Glass and Mirror

    Op Art Etched Glass and Mirror has been around since the late eighties. Currently owned by Roy Whetnall. Not new to business ownership, Roy acquired Op Art Etched Glass and Mirror from Frank and Mary Black in 2008 and is continuing to produce work of a very high quality. A high pressure 3 dimensional sand crafting technique is used which was perfected by Frank who over the years along with his wife Mary have produced many outstanding pieces of work which can be seen in several restaurants and hotels in the Myrtle Beach area. In the coming years Roy will continue in their footsteps.


   Roy does all the artwork for the business. With a college background in Marine Biology and Education he has since found he is far happier doing things with his hands. With a passion for travel and having seen much of the world, many of the pictures on glass are inspired from photographs taken in almost 50 countries. He is also involved with     http://www.yachtdoctor.net     and    http://www.mailboxmadness.net